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  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    All products are made to order, so please allow approximately one week from the time of order to delivery. Please check the delivery status by using the tracking number provided in the email providing shipping confirmation. 商品都是預售,均按訂單生產,因此從下單到收到貨需要花一些時間。 下單後1~2天內生產,立即發貨。海外工廠發貨需要2周左右的時間。 訂單追蹤請查看郵件中記載的快遞單號來進行確認。
  • 送料の設定について教えてください。
    本ウェブサイトよりご注文いただいた場合の送料は日本全国一律600円とさせていただいています (5,000円以上のご購入で送料無料)。 サイズの小さな商品の場合、実際の送料が上記金額を下回ることもございますが、大型商品ならびに遠方への発送ですと通常600円以上となります。こちらの差額はすべて当ショップにて負担をしておりますので実際の送料との差額については何卒ご了承いただけますようお願い申し上げます。 すべてのお客様にわかりやすく、かつ透明性の高い送料設定を行うよう重々検討した結果の決断となります。 どうかご理解いただけますと幸いです。
  • What is the delivery method?
    If you live in Japan, we will deliver your order by the Yu-Pack service with Japan Post. For delivery in other countries, we will deliver your product by outsourcing to major carriers in each country. 日本國內用郵包投入郵箱。 如果是其他國家會通過各國的快遞公司來送貨。
  • Can I specify the date and time of delivery?
    Due to inventory and manufacturing availability, we currently are unable to accept delivery date and time requests. 很抱歉,收到訂單後分配生產地點的關係,不能指定送貨日期和時間,請諒解。
  • What kind of packaging is used?
    As part of our efforts to protect the environment, we minimize our impact by using recycled plastic (PCR) packaging. (Samples below) Please note that we have discontinued the use of inner bags for individual products. 考慮到環境問題,我們公司採用簡易的包裝,使用回收塑料(PCR)材質的包裝,停止使用商品的獨立包裝袋,請諒解。 包裝的樣品如下。
  • Where are your products manufactured?
    Basically, our products are manufactured at the factory closest to your location. However, depending on the product type, color, size, etc. in stock and manufacturing availability at the factory, products may be manufactured at the overseas locations of our contracted suppliers. In such cases, we ask for your understanding and patience as delivery may take longer than usual. *After receiving your order, we will assign the manufacturing site according to the inventory and manufacturing availability. Unfortunately, we are unable to inform you of the manufacturing location in advance. If the product you ordered is to be manufactured at a location outside of Japan, our support staff will contact you by email. 基本上,產品在離你所在地最近的工廠生產但根據商品的種類 、顏色 、尺寸等庫存及訂單數量狀況 ,有時會在供應商的海外工廠進行生產。 這種情況下,配送時間會比平時長,請諒解。 下單後,根據工廠的庫存、生產情況分配工廠地點。非常抱歉,但無法事先告知生產地,敬請諒解。
  • What sizes are available?
    All of our products come in unisex sizes. However, for those used to Japanese sizes, our standard sizes are a little larger than normal Japanese sizes. Therefore, we recommend that you choose one size smaller than your normal Japanese size. Women who want a snug fit should choose XS, and for a little more room, choose S. Smaller men should choose M, while larger men should choose L. Please refer to the size guide in each product page. 因爲是中性風格衣服所以比正常的日本尺寸略大(袖子和長度都比較長),建議你選比你正常的日本尺寸小一個尺寸。 想要緊身效果的女士選XS-S,想要寬鬆效果選M。 身材矮小的男士選以M,體格大的男士選L。 請參考每個產品頁面上的尺碼錶和模特照片。
  • Why does the T-shirt smell funny or strange?
    All of our products are made-to-order. Since they are shipped directly from the factory, in rare cases, there may be a slightly sour/strong/strange smell. This is caused by the liquid used in the normal inkjet printing process and is not harmful to the human body. If there is such a smell, it will disappear after the first wash, so please wash before wearing. 本店的所有產品都是按訂單生產的。 直接從工廠發貨 所以稍微會殘留一些酸味,這是噴墨印刷中使用的液劑,對人體無害。 洗滌後氣味會消失,所以請在穿着前清洗。
  • ホームページとメルカリ Shops で価格が異なるのはなぜですか?
    ホームページに掲載している商品は、送料を含まない商品の単価となります。 メルカリ Shops では送料込みの価格で出品しております。 配送業者はいずれもクロネコヤマトを利用しておりますが、メルカリは独自の送料設定が適用されるため価格帯が多少異なる旨ご了承くださいませ。
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Unfortunately, because orders are completely made-to-order, we basically cannot accept cancellations. If you find any defects or flaws in the delivered item, please contact us directly at support(@) 因爲是按訂單生產,基本上不接受退貨,非常抱歉。 如有商品質量問題,請郵件聯繫。 support (@)
  • Can I place a gift order?
    Currently, we do not support gift orders. We hope to offer this service in the future. 目前,我們不支持禮品包裝訂單。今後根據客戶的要求改進我們的服務,謝謝您的理解。
  • 最低注文金額はありますか?
    誠に恐縮ですが、当ショップより商品をお買い上げの場合は購入金額(小計)1,500円以上のご注文をお願いしております。 それよりも単価の低い商品をご希望の場合は、メルカリ Shops で取り扱っている場合がございますのでそちらもご覧くださいませ。 ▼メルカリ Shops はこちら
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    We accept credit card, PayPal, convenience store (Japan only), and Alipay payments. 信用卡、PayPal、便利店、支付寶、(Alipay) 等付款方式可用。
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